July 21, 2022 1 min read

Sysleriget is based in the lovely town of Aarhus in Denmark, where all yarn is dyed from a combined workshop/store by Malene and Sidsel. This fast-growing hand dyeing yarn company was founded by Malene Mortensen in 2015, where she started dyeing yarn in her small apartment in central Aarhus. Malene found creative inspiration from her local yarn stores, instilling a drive to learn the wonderful craft. Malene taught herself to knit, first as a hobby and then expanding to create her own hand dyed yarn.

The name Sysleriget comes from the local dialect of Malene’s hometown in southern Jutland and is derived from the verb ‘at sysle’, loosely translating to ‘to putter’ (to do things in a relaxed manner and without rushing). This is a large part of Malene’s ethos as everything she does comes down to the love of creating and being creative with her hands. The second part of the word Sysleriget - ‘riget’ - means empire, and Sysleriget is therefore Malene’s humble empire of puttering. 

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