November 04, 2022 1 min read

The inspiration behind the Aurora Borealis palette by Life in the Long Grass is, of course, it's namesake - otherwise known as the Northern Lights. Stephen knew from the beginning that he wanted a cool palette that expressed the same magical glow as the almost supernatural phenomenon of the Northern Lights.

Custom colours always begin with a mood board, and these were the images we worked with to visually express what we wanted from this palette. From there, it's all down to the artistry of the dyer to turn inspiration into reality.


These are some of the in-progress development of the concept. I really love how specific Caroline and Stephen got with the colour manipulation. Caroline was very intentional with the tone of the neutrals, choice and size of speckles, and the intensity in the very saturated colours.


The final result is a stunning set of colours that are perfectly balanced and really embody the magical auroa of Aurora Borealis. This spirit is very much reflected in the final knitted shawl.