August 29, 2022 1 min read

Leila is the dyer and owner of The Urban Purl, who began dyeing in her kitchen workshop in North West London in 2017 having been a long-time crafter, knitter, and crocheter. Stephen & Penelope were her very first stockist! Creating colourful blended landscapes with yarn is Leila’s dream job and telling the story of the city where she lives continually inspires her. Many of her stunning colourways are named after London’s historic landmarks and quirky street names, sparked by her fascination with urban/cityscapes. Mythical gods, cosmic entities, and the ubiquitous floral tributes also feature strongly to inspire her colour selections when dyeing. 

Mostly dyeing in small batches, Leila’s moody blends and offbeat, saturated colours in semi-tonal and speckled colourways are her signature style, all on gorgeous, soft, silky, luxurious and quality yarns. Yarn texture, dimension, and handle are key factors when choosing the right yarns for her colours and Leila constantly strives to keep her yarn choices luxurious yet sustainable, ecologically friendly, and as cruelty free as possible. We are so excited for you to see the beautiful colourways we’ve put together in The Urban Purl for this MKAL season, where Leila’s gorgeous yarns will create the mystery shawl of your city-scape dreams.