May 01, 2024 1 min read

Our Designer of the Month for May is in the incredible Autumn, the designer behind Gingko B!

Autumn grew up in a family full of artists and makers, learning to sew at 7 Autumn has had needles and hooks in her hands ever since. Outside of her design work Autumn is also an artist and a mother, both of which inspire her to find beauty in the details which is reflected through her beautiful designs. 

Previously Autumn has found it difficult to find clothes that she loved and enjoyed wearing, through fibre arts she was able to create garments that really fit her, not just her body but also her style.

Autumn's ultimate goal is to create patterns that make others feel the same way and make people feel happy in their own skin.

You can find Autumn's patterns on ravelry and her website and be sure to follow her on instagram!