Punk Rock Unicorn

August 09, 2022 1 min read

Punk Rock Unicorn (PRU) features all the colours of the rainbow, wild but never kitsch. From soft pastels to rich semi-solids and flashy neons there are endless possibilities and combinations, giving you so much creative freedom to create your own knitted and crocheted masterpiece with this gorgeous yarn. 
Dea (she/her) is the owner and mastermind behind PRU YARNS. Having worked previously as an art director and popular tattoo artist, colour and creativity has always played an important role in her life. Her other great passion is animals - having lived on a small farm in Germany with rescued dogs and chickens, Dea takes animal welfare seriously and she brings this ethos to PRU. All their yarns are sourced responsibly and are mulesing free, so you can knit away knowing that your yarn has been ethically produced with love and respect for animals.
Dea rediscovered her love of knitting whilst she was searching for a hobby to give balance to her busy work life. What she loves about knitting is that you can peacefully create without a sense of pressure and can instead prioritise self enjoyment. Quitting her job in 2020 meant Dea could dedicate herself to spreading her contagious love for colours and creating with yarn!
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