August 29, 2022 1 min read

La Bien Aimeé is a yarn we love to knit with because of its stunningly luxurious feel, making our knits feel extra special. That’s why we are so thrilled to bring you a selection of LBA kits that we have curated especially for this year’s MKAL.

Aimée Gille is a Korean-American living in Paris, France. In 2008, she opened L’OisiveThé, a cheery knit café hosting weekly knit nights for knitters and crafters from all over the world. Following the success of L’OisiveThé, Aimée started her own yarn company La Bien Aimee in 2015. As a self-taught dyer, Aimée is inspired by her childhood, travels, and encounters with people, and uses yarn as a way to tell stories and share experiences. Place and culture is particularly important to Aimée, which is shown in her yarn colourways inspired by her Korean culture as well as her iconic ‘Yellow Brick Road’ colour, which reflects not only the state of Kansas where she grew up but also her Asian heritage.

You can buy their kits here.