YAL 2022

February 21, 2023 1 min read

The Yarn A Long 2022 theme was Collaboration and Connectivity with the colour story of neutrals with a pop. Our YAL pals received three stunning palettes combining delicate neutral shades with a bold pop of colour. In the spirit of collaboration each Yarn Along kit used skeins from two different dyers in the same shawl! 

Dusty Dimples and Birch Hollow Fibres created gorgeous colours for the Striped Vortex Shawl which featured two nuanced grey tones with a bright blue pop. The Striped Vortex shawl played with graphic stripes and textures, allowing these colours to truly shine.

The second shawl showcased a beautiful fade from The Wandering Flock and WALK Collection for that perfect spring shawl. Trickling Triangle utilised airy eyelets matching perfectly with the romantic colour story from both of our incredible dyers.

Our final design was created by Malia Mae Joseph, co-owner of Stephen & Penelope. The Mautinoa shawl showcased a fiery colours from The Essence of Autumn alongside some poetic neutrals from Life in the Long Grass. Malia’s intricate stitch details brought out all of the artistry of these shades.