YAL 2023

February 22, 2024 1 min read

The Yarn A Long 2023 theme was Florals, focusing on juicy, botanically inspired shades. Our YAL pals received three stunning palettes of floral colourways. 

Punk Rock Unicorn dyed up luscious vibrant skeins to bring to mind the riot of colour you find in springtime. The Bubbly Blossoms pattern showcased the beauty of PRU's yarns, starting with blooming bubble stitches that transition into a diagonal petal slip stitch motif. The border boasts colourful short row crescents and a wavy edge adorned with airy eyelets. The perfect pop of colour for any handmade outfit. 

The second shawl was I Can Knit Myself Flowers designed by Malia Mae Joseph, the co-owner of Stephen & Penelope and showcased the beautiful fading colours of Artemis Yarns. With each textured stitch, the colours changed progressively from light to dark with a striking nuance that comes to a crescendo at the border so you could create your own beautiful bouquet.

We ended with the Frolicking Field Shawl which highlighted Sysleriget's incredible approach to colour. Stephen played with purple tones, reminding us of beautiful cornflowers swaying in the breeze. The striped stitch patterns in this shawl included a beautiful daisy stitch and garter ridges with eyelets. The textures repeat throughout the fabric, making this shawl a relaxing knitting process with lots of fun stripes.